12 Valve Cummins build for the FUMMINS

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Last night i picked up a motor for my buddy Nate Belmonte.  He found a mint 12v cummins with 140,000 miles for 600 bucks. It does need some work but it will pretty much run right now with a new head gasket. The p pump  its self is worth 800 bucks and people will pay $2800 all day for this motor. We cleaned the surface rust off lastnight and cracked it over by hand. He is going to order new piston rings, 625+ ARP head studs main bearings, injectors and maby some head work with a fire ring head gasket for high boost from the turbo. but he is also getting a hole bunch of free p-pump parts like delivery valves and govenor springs. This motor is going to need alot of work and it will take alot of time. About a month or so ago he decided he wanted to put a 12v cummins into his 1997  Ford F-350 with a 302 gas motor in it. A build like this si called a Fummins becase it take cummins and the ford and puts them together. He is taking the stock motor out and switching the motor mounts and tranny mounts to drop a NV 4500 5 speed tranny just like the one i have in my truck right now. With the power out put he will be making he will also put a suncoast dual disk cluch in for added protection. Im pretty pumped for the long nights and days ahead but it will be a good time and everyone will learn alot  Heres a picture of the motor with out the head.

  1. sauera says:

    This is Alex Sauer responding to Matt m’ s blog. This blog mat wrote about making a 12 valve fummins. I think that this is good to read because it is informative ion what people are doing and what they have

    • I think it is cool that youguys are going to put a cummins into nates truck. It will make his flt bed sound so much better and he can roll coal eveywhere he goes now. it is nice that you are helping out a friend make his truck better when you need to work on your own truck.

      • mceachern2354 says:

        i hate my truck and it gets boring to work on so helping nate passes the time haha, thanks neller

  2. jeepusa says:

    I think that building a fummins would be fun, and intresting to do. It sounds like there is a lot of work you have to do to make this work but the truck would be so cool when its done.

  3. teachcmb56 says:

    Fummins? Really???

    Entries have few spelling and grammatical errors. Text construction is mostly formal with few abbreviations or txt style language.
    Entries contain a few links or images that indicate an attempt to take advantage of blogging technology as a means of showing support for comments or elaborating upon comments.


    • mceachern2354 says:

      Fummins is the proper way to spell this. Every one knows what a ford and a cummins is and people only know a cummins inside of a ford by fummins. Any one who has ever done the conversion will call it a fummins. I know it sounds funny

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